Josh Steinmetz

Josh was born and raised in Helena. He is a third generation Missouri River fisherman. Josh started fishing around Helena, Montana with his dad Jerry as soon as he could hold a fishing pole. In middle school, whenever it was nice enough (and sometimes when it wasn’t), he’d ride his bike to Prickly Pear Creek and fish for hours. During the summers he would spend as much time as he could with his Grandparents Orrin and Emily at their cabin on Canyon Ferry Lake. Orrin still loves to give Josh heck for all the perch he used to have to fillet since Josh wouldn’t quit fishing while he was there. He’s always happiest when he’s with his family and friends in the great outdoors, either hunting or fishing. The only thing that can pull him away from the river or the field is the chance to be on the baseball field coaching his son Dylan and his friends.

Josh started guiding in 2001, and enjoys sharing his years of experience and fishing expertise with friends and clients who share his passion for fishing.