Walleye Fishing

We offer guided fishing trips on Canyon Ferry Lake, Hauser Lake, Holter Lake, Lake Helena, and the Missouri River system.  We have the finest in equipment, electronics, and boats to insure that you will have the best fishing trip possible here in Montana. I run a Ranger 620 fisherman series for my lake boat and a 19-foot Crestliner jet boat. Sit back and enjoy the ride on one of our local lakes or reservoirs as you troll along with planer boards, or work the shorelines and structure with Jigs and crankbaits.  Our guided walleye fishing trips are catered to your desires. With all the different styles of fishing for walleye we will leave it up to you on what method we will use. Trolling with planer boards, pitching jigs or cranks, lindy rigging, bottom bouncers, or even throwing the fly rod we can do it all! All trips are all inclusive except for personal clothing and your fishing license.  Shore lunches for the mornings catch are an option.  We do offer cleaning and vacuum packaging for your catch at a small additional catch.  All processing is done at frontier processing.
We begin our walleye season in early spring. March through mid to late April will be the traditional pre spawn bite. This is my favorite time of the year to fish for walleye. Any given cast could produce the fish of a lifetime! It is normally not the time to go hammer out big numbers of eaters.  Come the end of April the fish will begin spawning. While they are spawning the walleye can be next to impossible to catch.  By mid May they will go into the post spawn bite. This is one of their most aggressive times of the year.  If your looking to pile up some walleye fillets, this is the time to do it! This will last some years into July depending on what water temps. Once the water temps start to get into the high 60’s the walleye start to head deep of into the rivers on the search for cooler temps. The fall bite can be a ton of fun if you find the fish. They will feed aggressively again in September and October preparing for the long winter ahead. For those of you that like to troll then May, June, and July are generally going to produce the high numbers of fish. We like to fish Canyon Ferry Lake and Lake Helena for our trolling trips. Canyon Ferry will be fished out of the big lake boats and Lake Helena we fish out of the jet boats because Lake Helena is a shallow water launch.  Hauser Lake and Upper & Lower Holter Lake we will be back in the big lake boats again.