Land of the Giants

The tailwater below Hauser Dam, also known as the Land of the Giants, boasts the largest trout that the Missouri River has to offer. The name “Land of the Giants” came from a day of fun fishing with friend and client Joe Tutino when he exclaimed that catching these huge fish was like fishing in the land of the giants. I liked it, the name stuck, and this spot is now well known as Land of the Giants.


All year long there is good trout fishing to be had here. We also have a fall run of land-locked kokanee salmon that run up the river from Holter Lake. They can be a fun bonus to the late fall fishing trip. If you’re looking for the monsters, late summer to early winter is the best time to target them. Of course they can be caught all year, we just tend to see more in that time frame. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Some Great Catches from the Land of the Giants: